Nursing Assessment for Anxiety

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nursing Assessment for Anxiety

  1. Predisposing Factors

    Theory developed to explain the causes of anxiety are :
    • Psychoanalytic Theory
      Anxiety is an emotional concept that occurs between two elements of personality-ad and the superego. Id represents the impulse of instinct, and primitive impulse person, while the superego reflects one's conscience and controlled by one's cultural norms. Ego or I function mediate the demands of two conflicting elements and functions of the ego's anxiety is reminded that there is danger.
    • Interpersonal TheoryAnxiety resulting from fear of interpersonal rejection. It is also associated with trauma in the development of such loss, separation causes a person helpless. Individuals who have low self-esteem is usually very easy to experience severe anxiety.
    • Behavioral Theory
      Anxiety behavior is a product of frustration that is all things that interfere with a person's ability to achieve desired goals.
    • Family Study
      Family studies indicate that anxiety disorders are usually found within a family.
    • Biological AssessmentBiological Assessment showed that the brain contains specific receptors for benzodiazepines. These receptors may help manage anxiety.
  2. Precipitation Factor

    Precipitation factor in anxiety disorders comes from external and internal sources as below :
    • The threat to the integrity of a person includes a physiological inability or reduced capacity to perform activities of daily living.
    • The threat to the system can endanger a person's self identity, self esteem, and the integration of social functions.
  3. BehaviorAnxiety can be expressed directly through changes in physiology and behavior and indirectly through the development of symptoms or coping mechanism in the struggle against anxiety. The intensity of behavior will increase in line with increased levels of anxiety.

Nursing Diagnosis for Anxiety

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